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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

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Today i finally have something that is worth complaining about!
Why are the men in Singapore so badly dressed?

Honestly i don't mind dating a average looking men who dress well, but not a good looking guy who dress like shit! (unless maybe if he allows me give him a makeover?)

I mean, guys dressing is so simple i really cannot understand
why they cannot dress properly.
So.. allow me to explain what i like to see on my guy:


Get at least a nice fitting shirt please! I really can't stand guys wearing slouchy shirts that are the wrong size.. bad cutting, the list goes on and on.

It's not like guys have to mitch and match tops/blouse/spag/outerwear to skirt/shorts/pants like girls, guys only have like one choice what, nice shirt & nice pants.
Get a nice sleek fitting shirt and you're halfway there being considered as "well dressed" already, so easy right?!


Not all shirts have to go with a tie, add a bow to add to the cheekiness of your outfit!

simple 3

Get a pair of nice fitting pants to show off that fine ass!
hahahaha, boyf's pants are all like that, maybe that's why he attracts so much boys. :D
But ill fitting pants are a no-no to me.

simple 4

Forget about the printed tees from NUM, sometimes i think the basics are the best.
Guys wearing just a basic v-neck tee is pretty hot to me, just pair it with a berms or nice pants. Easy peasy

So ladies, can't stand how the way your boy dress anymore?
Or guys, can't wait for a makeover to impress your date/girlfriend? (:
all the outfits i featured in this post can be found at jipaban's store, TheSimpleMen

I think their prices are so affordable! Even cheaper than buying in far east plaza, lol.

Loves, TheLuckiestChick.

Ettusais beauty diary: Aqua Splash refresh!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Ettusais Beauty Diary

How many hours do you spend under air-conditioning in a week?

For me:
8 hours a day, 40 hours in 5 days.. under the aircon while at work.
Another 8 hours a day, 56 hours in 7 days.. under the aircon at home after coming home from work.

That's approximately 96 hours a WEEK under air-conditioning, which totally robs the moisture out of your face, do you know that dry, dehydrated skin cause wrinkles to form prematurely?

We all desire smooth, supple and well moisturized skin don't we?

PS: To think of it, it's definitely MORE than 96 hours a week, how about travelling time on the train/bus/car? Shopping in a mall? Our skin is facing more damage from the dry indoors air than you imagine!

Even thou most of us are pretty hardworking in our 3-step skincare routine
which is - cleansing, toning/softening, moisturizing.
But sometimes that's just NOT enough, 96 hours of air conditioning!

That's simply damaging for your skin, so i always keep a bottle of hydrating mist
by my side, i have a bottle right infront of my desktop, one on my dresser
and one in the office!

Ettusais released a limited edition hydrating mist, Aqua Splash M.


In this pretty pink little bottle, contains a special ingredient called Trehalose that encourages your skin to retain moisture AND it's a powerful antioxidant!

In the morning after i apply my Ettusais Duo Foundation, i spritz it over my face to set the powder, it's an amazing trick, makes your foundation stay much longer and it makes sure your makeup don't turn patchy!


At the office, i blot my face with a piece of tissue to get rid of the excessive oil
and spritz the Aqua Splash M all over my face for a hydrating treat
after hours of dry office air.

Then i'll touch up with a loose powder for the flawless look! (:

How about you share some tips with me on how you keep your skin hydrating in harsh dry environment? Comment on my tagboard and let me know!

Loves, TheLuckiestChick.

Kinohimitsu: Detox Juice Day 1 & 2

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Sponsered Review:

Promise to update on how the Kinohimitsu Japan Detox Juice 6-day program worked for me, i read from somewhere that we should detox before we start any slimming/dieting, so here goes!

Ok, this is not the best subject i'd want to talk about but i've always been constipated,
i can like not poop for 1 week or more and that's normal for me.
When i was in secondary school i relied heavily on laxatives.
Cheap/easy option to detox but it's terrible i know.

But i hate having to fly in and out of the loo because of the strong effects
of the laxatives! After awhile even after i increase my dosage the laxatives
don't even work anymore.

It's my fault that i'm picky with my veggies, i only eat brocolli, very leafy veggies,
kang kong etc. and sometimes no time to go and cut fruits and stuff,
then always eating junk food!


6 tiny bottle of magical potions, haha watched too much Harry Potter already.

Drank my first bottle at night right after i received the package
from Confirm Tradings hehe, for first timers using this product,
the package says to drink it for 6 days straight so as to get the best results.

Chose the cranberry flavor and it's so sweet/sour!
But anyway it's a very tiny bottle and i love sweet stuff so i don't mind.
It says that after 2-4 hours then you'll go to the loo but didn't happen for me,
maybe i'm so loaded with toxins and poop that magic potion doesn't work for me. Boo.

Hah, took my 2nd bottle the next morning and it worked!
I like it cos it's not like with laxatives it makes pooping kinda uncontrollable.
Plus it's all natural, look at the ingredient list:

Ingredients for Plum Flavour:
Dark Plum Fruit Juice, Purified Water, Sorbitol, Roselle Fruit Juice, Blueberry Concentrate, Mannitol, Blackberry Concentrate, Glace Plum Fruit Juice, Citric Acid.

Ingredients for Cranberry Flavour:
Dark Plum Fruit Juice, Purified Water, Sorbitol, Roselle Fruit Juice, Blueberry Concentrate, Mannitol, Blackberry Concentrate, Cranberry Juice, Glace Plum Fruit Juice, Citric Acid

Saw Mannitol in the ingredient list and it sounds strangely chemical-ish, i thought this products are all-natural? Went to google Mannitol and this is what i found:

Mannitol is found in a wide variety of natural products, including almost all plants
Mannitol does not stimulate an increase in blood glucose,
and is therefore used as a sweetener for people with diabetes.

So it is all natural afterall!
Will continue to finish this 6 bottles and update about how i feel regarding the Kinohimitsu Detox drink. (:

Loves, TheLuckiestChick.

Kinohimitsu: Confirm trading

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Sponsered Review:

Was feeling so tired and sluggish after a whole day of work & the insufficient sleep I've only been getting lately..

Came home and mummy told me the courier guy dropped by an left an huge, heavy bag of goodies.. wonder what's that? (:

4 boxes of kinohimitsu health drinks.
Hehehe, instantly perked me up after seeing these goodies!


Confirm trading sent me a box of 6-day program detox juice Cranberry flavor (6 bottles) & 3 boxes of Bust up drink (10 bottle per box - it's the promotion pack,
buy a box of 6 get 4 bottles free) to review the effectiveness of these little bottled miracles!

Mad excited to try this out, after seeing the kinohimitsu products at Watsons
awhile ago, i've always wanted to try it out but i kept forgetting about it,
so i'm really looking forward to trying these products.

Look at how many types of health drink Kinohimitsu have currently:

My ex-colleague told me the UV-bright drink & Bust-Up drink is very effective
for her for whitening and firming her breast after she gave birth to her first baby.

I'll be updating after i tried the Detox juice drink and Bust-Up drink
will let you people know if it's effective for me! (:

Do like Confirm Trading's facebook page, cos they do giveaways and products to review every once in awhile:

Loves, TheLuckiestChick.

Phuket September 2010, Day 4

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Phuket September 2010, Day 4:

Fourth day in the my beach paradise.. unfortunately it's also the last day in sunny phuket. I mentioned previously although the room we got is really awesome cos of the privacy and all.. but see how high up our room is..


Arrow pointing to our room.. lol i'm pretty darn sure even if tsunami hits us we will survive!
But in exchange of our privacy and.. being safe from tsunami.. we have to either walk + take lift + walk somemore for 3-5 mins to reach room from lobby!

Thank god there was the buggy ride service to our rooms provided by the hotel,
if not i think we both will faint from heatstroke (Super exagerating!)

Woke up later that morning, packed, went to check out and left our luggage at the hotel reception and used the computer provided in the lobby and surfed for awhile before we went for brunch by the beach again.


At the hotel lobby while waiting to check out!


Boyf noticed that their coins are of different thickness!


Brunch wasn't worth blogging about, the restaurant we went served sucky phad thai and tom yum! Booooooo~ Food in bangkok is still much better and cheaper.

Just expect for one thing:


Warm coconut milk with caramelized banana. This is freaking heaven.
And we thought chocolate and banana is the only perfect match.
This is even better i swear.

I would've bugged boyf to come back to eat this dessert for 4 days straight if i had tried it on the first day! It's a must try when you're in Phuket!

After brunch we went back to the hotel cos it was SOOOOO HOT, jumped into the pool and soak up some sun, boyf was nagging about being under the sun too much so he was sitting by the pool reading his book - Power of Persuasion. lol


Nice enough view yes?


Boyf is damn mean lah, take picture of other people's ugly sleeping position.

Have that guy not heard anything about skin cancer?! He slept there for like hours.
Without reapplying sunscreen/no brolly shading him at all! All that in the after 1-2pm sun!


my lobster boyf, all red and peeeeeling!



Boyf spying and snapping pics of me while i chill and read my cleo mag under the shade!

Afterthat changed to dry clothes and we were having headache over the transport back to phuket airport.. cos the taxis from the hotel are really expensive, tuk tuk prices are controlled and even more expensive, luckily a cab came by our hotel dropping a hotel guest and I just dragged boyf and boarded the taxi without thinking much.

After boarding the cab we realized.. we're 4 hours early to go to the airport?!
Then after reaching airport we realized our flight was delayed for another 4-5 hours so we waited at the airport for like 8-9 hours. Bloody sian!

So next time make sure you book your cab back to airport before leaving for phuket cos kata beach area there's practically no cabs around!

Loves, TheLuckiestChick.

Ettusais Beauty Diary: Life is Peachy.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Ettusais Beauty Diary: Life is Peachy

I've been playing around with cosmetics since i was 13-14, always in search and trying new products that promises flawless skin, flushed cheeks and full lashes.

Being naturally tanned, some colors will naturally not suit me.
For example baby pink blushes that look oh-so-sweet on fair-skinned girls,
but would not show up on tanned skin like me.

I thought i would never be able to carry off the pink flush look, and might have to stick to orange based blushers for the rest of my life. Saddens me cos who wouldn't love the sweet flushed look?

But i continued looking around for my perfect colour.. and i've found it!


The color Peachy Pink is perfect for all skin tones, fair or tanned.
I've been into peachy pink blushers, lip glosses, lip liners, nail polish etc!

Some of my favorite peachy pink colored products from Ettusais:
  • Ettusais Nail Color PK5
  • Ettusais Cheek Color PK2
  • Ettusais Sweet Marble Gloss ('09 Spring Collection Limited Edition)

Loves, TheLuckiestChick

Advertorial: TheBlogShop

Friday, November 19, 2010

Went to town to shop for my cousin's 21st birthday gift,
boyf came to tangs to pick me up and we shopped about for awhile longer,
lol before he reached tangs i was looking around for like 30minutes sniffing perfumes, fiddling with makeup brushes
(bought makeup brushes for myself instead before finding my cousin's present.)

Then boyf came and simply point me to the skincare section and next i find myself
queuing up to pay for my cousin's present.

Lol, guys are soooo.... ARGH!
How is it that he manage to help me make up by mind on what to buy in less than 5 minutes?! I think if he don't come earlier I'll have even more unnecessary impulsive buys! So.. lucky me? :x

Went to Hereen for dinner at Waraku, me thinks the standard there went down a whole notch. Very much prefer Sushi Tei or Ichiban Sushi nowadays for japanese cuisine.


Blouse is from TheBlogShop,
Really pretty royal blue blouse with puff sleeves and ribbon on the chest area, awesome for work!


Tonkatsu Ramen


Love the hotate cheese from Ichiban Sushi but the one at Waraku kinda suck. ):


Went to shop around Hereen ALT, lots of interesting things!

Shopped for only 1 level and ALT was closing already,
shall go back one day with boyf to check it out again.
There's an Ettusais counter right in ALT btw!

Wore this pretty little black dress to church last sunday:


Paired with :

Gold/black bangle from Pull & Bear,
Waist belt from Forever21,
Red Longchamp tote,
Suede Ribbon back heels from Hong Kong!

Picnik collage

Love this dress cos of the flare cutting and huge Ribbon detail on the left shoulder.
Have wore this dress to work once since i got it, work appropriate dress approved!

This sweet LBD is lovingly sponsered by:

TBS 500px

Loves, TheLuckiestChick.

Favourite list of Perfumes

Sunday, November 14, 2010

If you know me personally,
you'd know that I'm absolutely girly yet matured and confident.
I love sweet, floral scent because they totally match my personality,
simply cannot stand those very "womanly, musky" scent on myself.

Smelling good 24/7 is important to boost up your confidence level as well,
would you feel good if you walked past a bunch of guys and they look at you
with their distorted face and pinching their nose cos you smell bad?! Boo!

Somebody requested for this post, asking me to come up with a list of my favorite perfumes! So here it is:


  1. Gucci "Envy Me"
  2. L'Occitane Cherry Blossom Solid Perfume
  3. Jennifer Lopez
  4. Versace "Bright Crystal"
  5. Salvatore Ferregamo Incanto "Charms"
  6. Jill Stuart "Night Jewel"
  7. Victoria Secrets "Pure Seduction" EDT
  8. Victoria Secrets "Pure Seduction" Body Mist
  9. Ralph Lauren "Hot"
  10. Ralph Lauren "Ralph"

I've been using Gucci "Envy Me", Ralph Lauren "Ralph", Salvatore Ferregamo Incanto "Charms" since i was in secondary school.
This 3 perfumes are definitely my "signature scent".

I know.. i'm vain! Oh wells, who wouldn't want to smell absolutely yummy?!
Nowadays i never leave home without a bottle of perfume in my purse cos i just to touch up and smell good even after i whole day of work!

Quick tip: To make your perfumes last longer, apply preferably
a scentless body lotion on your wrist and the sides of your neck
before you spritz on your perfume.

Recently i receive a bottle of Versace "Bright Crystal" from Shirley
as my birthday present and i'm in love with it!

To be honest, initially i bought Jill Stuart "Night Jewel" only
because of the gorgeous packaging, it smells a wee bit to powdery/musky..
but overall still a nice scent and i've got plenty of compliments
while wearing this perfume.

And the Victoria Secret fragrance, out of all the scents that are available in VS.
My favorite is pure seduction, hehe boyf love the body splash so i went to get the EDT too, wanna get the room candle as well! (:


Now i've shared my favourite list of perfumes,
blog about your favorite scents and drop me your blog url when you're done!

I'm giving away $90 worth of vouchers from various shops at Raffles City
to a random person who share with me what her favorite perfumes are. (:

Loves, TheLuckiestChick.

Sponsered advertorial: Milly's

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sponsered Advertorials:

I've been sponsered by Milly's for over a year and a half now, and only since last year i've started caring how my nails have to always be nicely dolled up, not just well-manicured but adorned with cute, interesting nail art as well!


All thanks to the awesome team of manicurist from Milly's that have been doing my nails i always get compliments, all the "woooooowww" from my family and colleauges!

Here's some of the nail designs i've done for this period of time:

I used to love folk art and Millys had the most awesome manicurist who could do wonders like these:


nails 12

Was really sad when i found out that the manicurist left cos i don't know which other manicurist can do folkart at millys now!

But other than folkart, i did many other designs too:

nails 11

nails 9

Simple glittery designs

nails 10

Tina spent around 3 hours doing these stripes for me, it was featured on my Cleo Magazine shoot for the Summer Vacance Edition 2010!

nails 3


Really sweet design!

nails 6

This was my Summer-y Phuket Holiday nails. Wanted something nautical inspired!

nails 7

First time doing pointy tips gel nails, my colleagues loved this design! (:

nails 8

My mum was like wahhh i wanna nom nom nom your fingers so cute!
*proceed to stuff my hand into her mouth*
(Just kidding, it was just my fingers but she really tried biting me!)

nails 4

A Juicy Couture coloured theme nails chosen by Nadnut when we did our mani/pedi together!

nails 5

And my latest nails...


Polka dot french tips with Salmon Pink and bling ribbon!


So cute, i love it! Removal of my previous gel nails was super speedy too, took less than 30 mins to remove, the previous time it took 1.5 hours just to remove lor faint.

Oh by the way, other than nails, hair extensions, lash extensions services.
By the end of November 2011, Milly's will soon be providing hair salon services, cut, dye, perm etc!

I'm sure other office ladies like me will appreciate Milly's being a all-under-one-roof beauty salon, after i started working i realize i really don't have time and really very ;azy to go for separate appointments like, hair grooming, nails grooming etc.

So now that Millys have everything, i'm definitely going to swing by Milly's to get my nails/hair done every 2-3 weeks, how awesome is that?!

You can call Millys for more information or to book your mani/pedi. (:
Here's Milly's website for more information:

Far East Plaza
14 scotts road #03-129
Singapore 228213
Tel: 67376723

Bugis Village Extension,
Level 2 @ Bom Bom street.
Booking & enquries: 8383 5395
Tel: 63384137

Phuket Sept 2010: Day 3

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Phuket September 2010, Day 3:

Attention to all blogshop owners:

We're having a staycation in 2 weeks time, and Nadnut, Esther, Jacelyn, Sabrina and I came up with a package that you might be interested in!

What you need to provide:
5 pieces of apparels + a token fee

What you get:
We will take really nice picture while wearing your blogshop's apparel. When we blog about the staycation, we will credit the apparels to your website with a link.

All pieces will be worn by and featured on:
EstherXie ( )
Nadnut ( )
Fidelis ( )
Jacelyn ( )
Sabrina ( )

It's a really good deal!

The 5 pieces of apparels will be chosen by us. The token fee is definitely affordable and costs way lower than any usual advertorial on any ONE of our blogs.
It's a good chance for you to publicise your blogshop, with minimal budget :)
If you are interested, you may email
Besides apparels, we also accept accessories, shoes, and bags.

Hope to see your emails soon!


I know this post is so late! I can't believe it's been 1 1/2 months since my phuket and i'm in my new company for 1 month plus already!

I really miss the sun, reading a book by the beach/pool on a lazy afternoon..
most of all the best sea tour experience ever.

I mentioned on my previous post i went to Phi Phi island on the 3rd day into my Phuket trip, i booked the tour around 3 months before our trip because according to tripadvisor Simba tours is one of the best sea trips one could have!

You can find out prices for the tour at this webpage:

You can also see the itinerary for the phi phi trip:

It's definitely worth every cent i paid for the trip, lots of pictures for this post:

Early in the morning, a driver from SimbaTours came to the hotel to pick us up,
and picked up another couple from australia and we headed to the Phuket Marina..
where we met Jeff, who is the owner of SimbaTours and we were ushered to the excursion boat, we were told to remove our sandals and leave it in a basket provided!



There were some dark clouds and i was sooooo worried it was gonna rain!





Lol, after 1 hour plus of sea wind blasting at us, our hair all looked like that:


trust me, mine looked 1000000x worst.


..the crew dropping the anchor and we're at MAYA BAY and the rest of us re-applying our sunblock before jumping into the crystal clear water where the movie "The Beach" was filmed!!!





Went for a swim with the other tourists, the water was so warm and clear!!!!
After swimming they even prepared fresh fruits and the BEST banana cake i've even eaten. Really the BEST.


Jeff told us the cruder name for this island is called "erection island".. hehehe


I'm sure you can see why...

It was boyf's first attempt in snorkling and he was so cute and funny!
He didn't know how to kick and swim with the fins and kept bumping into me!

Lots of beautiful corals and colourful fishes! So different from what i saw in tioman,
tioman generally has lots of bleached corals, clown fishes and sea cucumber.. lol

Oh i almost forgot, boyf's nipple got bitten by a fish!
hahahah, all the wtf things always happens to him.




Went to another place, which is called a Hong.
Basically it's a place with sandy seabed, hardly any corals and vegetations so there we little fishes at the area!

Jeff said we have to take a leap to exchange for lunch! (he was just kidding but we all did it anyway)



If the waters in singapore is ever gonna be that clear and gorgeous.
You'll definitely find me at the beach every weekend.



It's a viking cave!


Then we moved on to the "Monkey Island"!



We were given peanuts to feed the monkeys and they were so cute, the way their little hands grab the peanut from your hand.. But they're wild monkeys afterall, so don't get to close to them!


Yay it's time for lunch! Stopped at another island and the staff prepared our lunch, spread beach mats for us to lie and relax on..



Setting up our lunch!

Lying down on boyf's tummy and this is what i saw..




Lunch lunch lunch!
Itadakimasu, it was delicious!



Got stung on my neck, arm, legs by mini jellyfish earlier while snorkelling so i didnt really feel like snorkelling after that..

luckily the crew was very well prepared, at first i didnt know i got stung, just had this burning stinging feeling, but the crew spotted me scratching myself and i whined about it being abit painful and they asked me to come up immediately and sprayed vinegar all over the stinging spots then after awhile it wasn't that bad already.

boyf went down for like 5 seconds and decided to come up and accompany me, awww so sweet!






my portable waiter who went all the way back to the boat to get a drink for thirsty me! (:




End of the tour! We arrived back to the marina and said goodbye to everyone.


I'd really recommend everybody to go to the phi phi tours with Simba Sea Tours cos they're just really awesome, they don't take more than 13-14 pax per trip unlike some tours, yes those are cheaper but they pack 30-40 people on a boat, it's so cramp especially when the phi phi islands are like 1-2 hour boat ride away..
and it's just no fun when the island are filled with people!

Everything was just perfect, except for the stupid jellyfish sting, but thumbs up for alert crew and they were prepared with vinegar spray onboard.


Tireeeeeed and sleepy after all the snorkelling and sun.
fell asleep all the way on the ride back to the hotel!

Went back to hotel took a dip in the pool and went to shower!

Then had an aloe vera massage, my massage therapist was like massaging so lightly she's like just practically tickling me. Same same even after i told her to massage harder twice. Boo. Boyf swore his therapist was awesome thou.

We had dinner at this restaurant just 5 minutes walk from our hotel,
called Mali Restaurant.


Grilled skewered meat!!!


Ordered myself a 89baht pina colada! Hah, it's only $3?
Where to find alcoholic beverages for $3 in singapore?


Look at baby's tan line! So garang lah don't put sunblock when i ask him to apply.. wtf. When he was back in singapore he was really peeling like MAD, like seriously.. UN ATTRACTIVEEEEEEE..


Loved my grilled tuna! Btw their beef sucked big time thou,
they cooked it medium rare but it's still hard like @#$%,
so i totally would advise everyone to stay away from beef dishes when in phuket.

Went shopping around and we saw this toddler.. he's like maybe 3-4 years old?
And he was doing this:

The fire went off but the brother went to lit it up again and the toddler did that fire spinning thing again. it's just crazy and sad at the same time. ):

Omg i'm so excited!
I'm going to Bangkok with Jacelyn, Nadnut, CCB, Jayden, Fahbian, Mus & Victor next month for new year's eve countdown! It was a pretty last minute decision and we just booked our flight and acommodation yesterday.

I'm so gonna have my favourite crepes, shop like mad, sit crazy tuk tuks and "lomantic
lomantic" with Jacelyn for 3 nights cos we're sharing a room.. teehehehehe.. :D

So sad my darling boyf will not be joining me for this trip, no portable waiter/aircon or bellboy to carry my shopping buys! hahahahas just kidding, i just feel safer
when he's around. Oh well, i'm sure it's gonna be fun!

Loves, TheLuckiestChick.